Website Design, Hosting & Site Admin

With simplicity in mind, we write and design a website appropriate to a business and industry. Because good web design has as much to do with how it functions as how it looks, we don’t over-complicate things. Depending on a company’s needs and budget, we use both custom and open-source coding. 

We also offer reliable website hosting at a competitive rate and continuous website maintenance. A recent survey stated that most websites are updated quarterly with the large majority only updated one to three times a year. This is a big problem considering that the survey was taken with small businesses - the group that has the most to gain from their website. Our site admin service ensures that a client’s website stays current. 

The more often a website is updated, the more often search engine spiders will return to crawl that site and index its pages. Plus, the more a website is updated, the more content it will have and the more likely people will find the company when they’re looking for information. Updated websites generate more traffic.

Work Examples:

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